Monday, December 28, 2009

New sem and also last sem starts today!

Its 2a.m in the morning and i'm still infront of my pc as usual.
Since i just changed a new layout of my blog, i might as well take this chance to write a post.

I love my schedule for this seme
ster, i just hv 6 hours of class a week overall, and no class past 1pm nor on friday sat n sun. wooohooo...!!!(>.0)

I wana make good use of my free time this earn lots n lots of $cash$...*kaching kaching kaching*

Hope that i'm able to keep part of it so that i wont be a poor graduate..haha...

I'm going to do my best for this final sem of mine.
In both my studies and also my job as a part-time tutor.

I'm gaining more and more sati
sfaction as a private tutor.
Besides the better pay compared to other part-time that i can find, its the achievements of the students which makes me proud of myself.
Here i would like to share with you the sms i received after the PMR result was announced:

Auntie Dorris :" June's PMR 5A's
, B for KH & BM. D for Chinese. THks 4guiding her in her Math. May God bless U as we rember d birth of d Son of God. Merry Christmas 2u+fmly."

Tze Han
: "Halo teacher....Merry christmas....i get 8a.....^^....."

Note: I din
t change a bit of the sms that i received.

My another PMR ex-student got 3A's for Math, Geo and Chinese, the rest got B.

These really keeps me going, and makes me wana put more effort on all of my students.
I really love all o
f them.

So, i wana enjoy this semester, my final semester in University of Science Malaysia by STUDYING hard, WORKING hard, PLAYING
hard and of course LOVING all my family n friends even harder....

Monday, December 21, 2009


明天是冬至, mummy讲要帮外婆煮汤圆

那好吧, 我就帮她戳汤圆,
突然间,好多的肉松从天而降, 好像下雪一样


那个贪吃鬼就是这位auntie --->





Saturday, December 19, 2009


这两个月我的生活只有两个字能形容 -----〉狼狈







咳。。。我下次不敢了! (T_T)

不过像人家说的, 上帝关了我的后会帮我开个,不会让我死的










吃吃东西, 喝喝咖啡,


手里还拿着the star,假装很认真的在看报纸上的每个字


而这份享受不超过RM10哦 (^o^)

Thursday, September 24, 2009




最近去shopping mall几乎都没买到什么东西...



看到自己喜欢的东西时....就只能看不能买..悲哀啊... (T.T)

我猜你们一定会想, 我那有可能会这么










姐妹们, 我们还是认命吧...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Wonderland

My life is full of imagination, especially when i'm alone.
I'll imagine lots of stuffs, realistic and unrealistic.

Sometimes even a normal conversation with my friends.

And that troubles me a lot, because of that 'habit', it makes my mind flies, especially in a boring class or when i'm studying.

Even when i'm driving or walking, i live in my own wonderland.
Thats why people complains that i wont notice them even they were just in front of me , for a few times.

Of course i'm tired of those imaginations which will just be imaginations, but i just cant get it out of my head

I did some little research to find the reason of this phenomena:

Some says that its the nature of a girl.

Some says that Cancerian live in a life full of imagination.

So, maybe that explains it.

Then, i recently i started to imagine myself, got crazy because of all the imaginations.
Then i will really be crazy, having hallucinations and end up talking to myself or etc.

Hope that i can quit it by making myself busier.
Its so tiring. I wish my mind can go blank sometimes.

Am i normal?

Friday, September 11, 2009

I just need more time

I'm trying hard to get my life more organized.

To control my expenses.

To follow my schedule.

To work more.

To snooze less.

To give more heart in whatever i'm doing aka serious.

To become pretty. \(^o^)/

I just need some more time, to achieve the optimum level.
So please, give me some time and a chance to achieve it. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A dream which almost scared me to death.

I went to take a nap, at around 11 something.
Then when my alarm rang at around 12:30pm,( cause i got a tutorial at 1pm)
as usual i pressed d snooze button, kinda tired slept less than 5 hours last night.
Then my eye lids felt heavy, and i just let it down.

Out of sudden my body got numb, and the numbness was increasing gradually, mostly focus on the part which touches the bed (i usually sleep facing downwards),
Then my heart was beating very fast, i wanted to get up but i cant, i tried very hard to move my hands and fight to get myself up.

I managed to open my eyes, was scared of what happened, but still very very tired so i closed my eyes again and within spilt seconds ( less than 3)
it happened again, this time i can feel that it is more serious.

Then i heard the radio, turned on by itself ( FM sound, not very clear)
And also the sound of the door, my dad came home.
I wanted to yell at him, ask him to help me up, at first i wasnt able to split a word.
After some struggles i managed call him and asked him to lift me up.

Then i regain my consciousness, i realized that it was all just a dream.
Just because the scene is in the same room and i was sleeping in the same position it feels like real.

It happened to me before. But i really feel very bad when i was in the dream.

Is this how ppl die in their dream? I mean if i din struggle hard enough, will i be dead now??

Anyway, i'm late for class. Got to go, see ya.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009




两个人也许彼此了解, 但是确不懂对方想什么

该选择相信 自己爱的人, 自己 还是 理智?



筹码是 自己的爱

奖金是 幸福


赔上的是 心, 眼泪 还有 希望




时候赔上的是 自己一生的幸福 和 对爱情的盼望.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weird lecturers this sem!

This sem is horrible!terrible!..whatever u call vocab is limited anyway...

1st ...everyday i will sweat like a pig! its so hot, and i always cant find my class.

2nd...PTPTN is late...makes me curse the PTPTN people..GOD pls forgive my sins...


The 1st met on the 1st class, he always has a fake smile like he is wearing a mask, so so so fake and evil which will makes u feel eerie when u look at his smile. And so cheap hiao lo.
( Definition 'cheap hiao' = want to be HIAO but not really that up to standard)

The 2nd lecturer, the economics lecturer, who has some pronunciation problem, the econs class was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia, these are the few mispronounced words:

'...burung-burung asing banyak datang ke malaysia...' (burung = buruh)

'...pelacur terhormat....' (pelacur = pelabur/pelancong)

he sure needs to improve his pronunciation....

The 3rd lecturer, speaks like he haven't slept for 3 days and is extremely dehydrated. The worst thing that he did is, he arranged our position according to our name ( alphabetically)..swt'''..
Then when there is any late comers..we need to switch our position to fit them in... F*
He makes me swear within that whole 2 hours class...GOD condemn him for making me sinned..

Hope that the following class will be better...*sigh..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


How do u get to know yourself?
By listening to how others comment/critic on ur personality?
or doing some personality test ?
or by judging on ur own.

I do think that most people wont judge themselve on their own, not enough self-confidence i assume or like the chinese proverb: 'tang ju zhe mi'

So if ur mom keep on saying that u are as lazy as a bug.
Then u will assume tat u are lazy...and then continue being lazy...

For my case...(we dun talk about lazy lo...cos my mom said tat to me since the day i was borned..)

People around me tend to say tat i m a bad financial planner aka big spender!
(Hey, i'm just doin my part to 'heal' the recession) (^o^) hohoho...!

Almost ex-counselling teacher from high school...the one who calculate my birthdate to predict my future....

Last time, i dont seem to bother...i mean...i can i hv the right to spend.
But recently something hitted me...

I got annoyed by being labelled as a 'bad financial planner'.
Feel like wana get rid of it.
That stupid fortune teller said tat in future if my hubby's money is managed by me then it will all be gone...
(feel very 'be syiok' until wana slap her though i never see her)

So i dun wana be like 'kena jampi' aka spellbounded.
when everyone says i'm 'bad financial planner', that i'm gona be broke 24/7 now and then...
i'm gonna prove them wrong. ''(>.<)''

i'm gonna save some cash...not just some...a lot and a lot and a lot...


we cant just be the one who they labelled us...

if they said u stupid? then will u admit that u are stupid then continue being a dumb dumb?



if they said that you are stupid
you should thank them for giving u a chance to prove that you are smarter than they think

if they said that you are lazy
you should thank them for reminding you that you are getting too loose on urself

if they said tat you are cute/beautiful
slap them! they are lying!


have a nice day sweetie! XOXO!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Intership

My uncle helped me to get a internship in Dufu Technology Sdn. Bhd. Its a metal parts company.

A pic i took after work, from the guard house.

Another one from the parking space opposite the factory.

On the first day,
I reached the lobby on 8:00am sharp. The receptionist helped me to call HR and contact the officers in my department to pick me up.

And i waited for 30 mins in the lobby.
I was thinking : Why were they so busy??

I waited...

And waited....

thus, i took some pics of the lobby...

it was raining outside...

Only me sitting there...

Then, someone pick me up..
Reached my office 'Production Control Department' I have my own desk.
But without destop, so its kinda hard for them to assign me to do anything..
until now..
a Taiwanese company..
We cannot request for anything...(as told by my colleague)
So i guess it means i wont hv a destop until the end of the internship.

I just use those available : when my colleague is out or whenever they are not using


But all of them are nice.

Very helpful, friendly and willing to teach me everything.

My manager, the cutest among all the managers in the factory, a graduate of Pure Math, USM.

He is married. *sigh

From the pic above u can see a window at the top right. From that window i can see aeroplane landing...
just about 200m away...
and if i walk nearer i can see aeroplane flying off from the airport...
very very near....

and loud too..

thats the best part of my job so far...

But i really feel glad that i got this internship,
and enjoy working there.
Though every working day (mon- thurs) i reached home at 9 sumthing after give tuition,
and the next morning i have to wake up at 6:15am, I still have the urge to go to work, which i never have before.

Last time when i used to work in qbay, i felt so lazy to go to work, even giving tuition irritates me sometimes but not this 10 hours and low pay job...haha... seems like job satisfaction is important after all.

This is really a small small world.

Just knew that Kenny has a relative who is working in HR ,
and she introduced Kenny, Kok Leong and Kok Leong's bro to work there.
As part-time operator, rm5/hour.

Beginning next week. Hope tat we can have lunch together. But worry about Kok Leong or his brother riding motor to work..kinda dangerous accident rate as i observe after 2 weeks working there 1/2-3 days. Anyway, hope that everything goes well.

Friday, April 10, 2009





Saturday, April 4, 2009


i have faith in those i love
and i respect the rest

i put those i love beyond myself
and told myself not to expect this in return

from past experience I'd learnt
to save myself from myself

Saturday, March 28, 2009

POPULAR BOOK FAIR- One stop, Midlands Park, Penang.

I love to read
Not only can gain knowledge but also will enhance my writing skills
my LSP 402 ( English for science) lecturer said my essay is too 'conversational'..
not formal enough, instead for science topic i should use a report style..'sai'
how can i learn that style leh?
since i'm so used to 'conversational' style
due to:

1. my f4& f5 english tuition teacher (Mr.Felix) used to teach us that style in order to score in our 'story' essay.

2. Blogging and MSN

3. Novels and self-improvement books i read

actually before that i'd decided to take 'speaking' english but now maybe i want to stick to my old choice ' business writing'...but still thinking..cant really make a decision

ok, back to the book fair.

the books for my favourite author like : John C.Maxwell and Khaled Hosseini and etc...
the most i see the discount is just 25%..*sigh =.='''

so i got other books instead (^o^)

Dreams From My Father - by Barack Obam

Its like his memoirs,without exaggeration, i'm interested to know how the life of an African who manages Americans, who is also the most influencial people on Earth now.
And he is cute....!!!25% discount ,RM29.93 (after discount)(>.<)

The Witch of Cologne-Tobsha Leaner

Never really know about the author, but since it claims to be 'international bestselling author'
so i guess will be good, flipped through a few pages before buying it..
the story was set in about 'longlong time ago', australian author,
so can learn some old english 50% discount , RM 17.95
so i think its ok for leisure reading.(>.o)

Before i go, took a rm50 note from daddy, and passed it to the lovely cashier and she gave me RM2. 15 in return..*sigh (T.T)

i want to get another book from K.Hosseini
its like his best selling novel:

The Kite Runner

Also a story based in Afghanistan, but this time is not about friendship,
its about 2 women's life...
forgotten whats the title....maybe will get it on the second trip there with ping and kei...
also 25% discount...

wanna go with me? (^o^)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cari Makan

Last Sunday mummy said want to bring me to a vegetarian restaurant behind GMC for brunch,
i really like vegetarian food,
but what happened was, she cant find the place and refused to call her friend and asked where is the restaurant,
we were going round and round and discovered many other cafe's ans restaurants except that particular one which we are looking for.

Since we were at the area and i was very hungry cause i din eat since morning,
i asked her to bring me to eat 'Mee Sua Tau' a kind of sticky mee sua served with crabmeat and back vinegar and etc, tasted almost the same with the shark fin soup we eat normally in restaurant.

it is located in the housing area at Pulau Tikus. ( where the rich-rich belaka ppls live)
Take the left turn from the triangle in front of S.Disted College
Then when u see the road sign 'Jalan Cantoment" on ur right take a left turn.
Then u'll see this big big house

then at the opposite of this house, among the bushes u'll see this sign

Turn into it, then u'll see this

It used to be a club for the richie richs, mostly those westerners who retired here. I used to come here like 6-8 years ago, and still see some of the 'ang mo' there, now i'm not really sure.

Well, the restaurant is actually behind the bungalow

mummy always like to peep at ppl, kena tangkap basah by me

So, this is the menu, sorry my phone camera is not that good. This price which u can barely see, is actually not that expensive compared others.

This is num.16 Mee Sua Tau, we ordered a small one to share: RM 5.00
Very nice! Its the famous dish there.

Num.2 Chicken Chop : RM 7.50
Not nice, bland.

Num. 18 Roti Babi and Num. 17 Spring Roll: RM3.80 each
Also the famous dish there, very nice and the fillings to me tasted the same for both.

The spring roll and roti babi taste even better with this sauce(which they made it with their own recipe) available in supermarkets but i dun know wats the name and it tasted different with theirs.
Mixed it with cili padi.


I was very full by then, but mummy said the chicken chop not nice, want to order somemore. Lets order Mee Jawa. She said the the Mee Jawa there very nice.

Fried Mee Jawa RM 3.80.
It was loaded with seafoods and chickens and etc...very tasty.

And by the time we finished all the food, both of us were so bloated until we skipped dinner, mummy worst, cant even sleep at night cause time dont be so greedy la..dun eat so much!

Total Spent : RM 25.80 for 2 persons. With 3 combined meal portion. Imagine that. Means for each meal, each of us only pays RM 4.13. Haha...worth it?

At night, we went to Fort Cornwalis to eat fruits and rojak.
Also were bloated that time when we went because of the food we ate earlier.

Took a pic of mummy and daddy at the bay.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mathematics Night USM 2009 >>> Thrill-logy

This year the event was conducted in Ballroom 1, G-Hotel, Penang.
The ballroom was so much better than the previous year and also the service and the food though not very nice also but still better than last year.

But...the ballroom was damn cold, that my hands were under the table most of the time and refused to step up away from it.
Overall, i wasnt really exited and in the mood, dont know why...

And this time i went as audience to watch, frankly it is really boring but i tried to watch every performance with full attention caused i know how efforts the performers had put in for that few minutes of show.

All of them improved a lot from the last time i saw them during the rehearsal. BRAVO!

The committee did a great job by finding the sponsorships this year. Though the economy crisis struck but they managed to find more sponsors than last year. Cheers!

All those who went dressed up nicely...especially the girls...look so gorgeous..
next year is my year..i'm gonna wear something very eye catching also...haha

And the climax of the night is when it ends..when everyone went on stage to dance..and started to take pics like crazy....we like taking pics so so much....
so below are some pics from my camera...

special thanks to Xiao Ting who introduced me to Yuko and YoYo who did my hair and make-ups for me. Tq so much to Yuko and YoYo, hope tat can treat them eat before they go back to Japan.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

理大功夫学会 - 2月21号 功夫之夜 - 傲战





技术问题相当的严重噢~ 而且司仪和工作人员有好多东西缺乏协调,结果还满混乱的。”





Monday, March 2, 2009

Parenting is not an easy subject.

i said a lot about my student in my previous blog...
today i have a different view.

Last time i'll always think that my student is too 'xing fu' so that she dont know how to appreciate what she has, but now i think its because if the parents that she becomes who she is now.

She is not talking to her mother since 2-3 weeks ago.
The father doesnt really bother about her.

Her mum doesn't like her to go to tuition outside, she rather pay for expensive house tuition teacher than send her daughter outside for tuition cause scared that the daughter will meet some 'bad' friends there.
Then, the daughther was angry cause the mum didnt trust her, i tried to explain to her, her mum believes i her but her mum doesnt believe in the people around her which she never see and never talk to. So for sure she will worry and will do anything to protect her whether she likes it or not.
I think both of them need to communicate better.
Now, since both of them are not talking to each other, isnt it the mum should be more mature and should take the initiative and talk nicely to the daughther as i can sense that my student really want her parents to treat her well like other parents.

Today, she asked me to fetch her back from tuition 8:30pm from tanjung, near komtar.
I offered actually, cause she said her dad doesnt want to go to fetch her, then i said u try to ask again if really her dad doesnt want to fetch her then i'll go to fetch her.
She said she wants to come back by bus, but i dun let her do so, cause it will be dangerous for a 15 year-old to wait for bus and walk back home at night.
As her apartment is located in the kampung which homes a lot of foreign workers now.
Then the dad really asked her to come back by herself since she wants to go to tuition so much.
This is the second time i fetch her.
1st time was from school, she has an extra class and unable to contact the dad that time.

How irresponsible the parents are?
not just the dad, the mum also.
How can they do this to their daughter?
No matter how bad is she, but wont they worry about her safety?

the mum always said that they had given everything to her, new laptop, well-furnished room , a maid and etc..what else that she wants? She is taking everything for granted.
i think even u noe what she needs...why cant the parents?

a lof of problems happened, i know.
but she is your daughter, the one you should protect and love with everything you have.
maybe because both of ther parents are really young, but parenting is much more than what they think.

if you are unable to learn how to educate and love a child, please do not have any as it will ruin you and the most importantly the innocent child's life.

p/s : nearly had an argument with mummy because of that, cause mummy thinks that i'm very 'ke po'. haha...why bother? its her parents responsibility and not mine..and summore i hv to go that far at night to fetch her. That reminds me, i have mummy too. But, maybe because i dun have any siblings, that makes me cherish those ppl around me, my friends and my students more. I cant really just sit there and do nothing. Sorry, mum.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i am so lucky to have all of you!

i never really imagine how my life in uni will be when i was younger

but after i entered uni,
i feel happy and glad cause i have a group of ppl around me,
who i love n love me as well.

felt very exited when i know that i'm going to kuching with my friends this July.
dont know why pingping changed her mind.
but glad that she did
hope tat she wont regret..hehe...
cos i really want her to enjoy the trip
go because she wants to go and not because of me..

chatted with clun n kenny just now

conversation with clun.
i was so exited that i told him that i'm going to Kuching with my coursemates.
then he said he is very jealous,
cause everytime he asks his coursemates to go out, they wont go
always reject him
even the bus fare to Cameron Highland from their place is just rm8,
they refuse to go
even he offered to fetch them to town and eat,
they refused,
they said better stay at home and eat Maggi,
i can understand his feeling though,
must be very sien lo,
just study n lots of assignments n projects,
tats all,
tats y he said he miss penang so much...

conversation with kenny.
he said his frens are only frens when he has car.
always want to lend his car but never pump back the petrol for him.
only will call or show up when they need his car.
he will always lend his car to them,
but when its time for him, they will start to berkira,
like he told me once he need to claim rm10 for a project but until now the director never give him anything,
and the director also always take benefits from him,
the latest case, borrowed his car n drove to town (
4 hours) and came back with empty tank and return the car to him.
another case, all went to eat at nasi kandar then just write in one bill then let kenny pay.
for a few times,
then our kenny zai became smart and write his own seperate bill.
(but still not smart enough till now, though i scolded him for hundreds time for this)

in conclusion
i really feel lucky to have a group of ppl who i can really call friends cause i dont think Kenny's friends are FRIENDS anyway.
we never abandon each other nor hurt each other (minor one doesnt count la, cos i'm too kind to count that..haha...)
we never take advantage from each other nor take each other for granted.
though now we dont really see each other as often as we used to be,
but i think the invisible rope which bond us together never loosen.

are u as lucky as me?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kung Fu Night USM 09'

Ladies & Gentlemen

i present you

Kung Fu Night USM 2009

Alas! it ended!
erm...sounded tat i cant wait for it end...
no la just tat before that quite worry
cause not enought time to prepare
when everyone was busy

we gathered together,
all four of us,
only about 3-4 times b4 the real day
and it is a Uni event
and we never have any full rehearsal!
everything was still blur on the day itself

happy that it ended well

1st. i dint hurt my leg with my 5-inch high heel as my ankle still swollen a bit.

2nd. for the protocol part no major mistake. ( got minor mistake but hope tat can be forgiven cos the big shots names and their position are so long and the light was dim)

3rd. i didnt go blank or numb on the stage

4th. ppl laugh at my jokes

5th. responded to my question

really thx for all who came especially to my friends and family who willing to spend the evening with me in DTSP.

and i think i m gud! haha...cos i can stand infront of nearly 2000 ppl and speak to them!
imagine talking to nearly 2000 ppl...

but i still need to improve a lot in my English, pronounciation, gestures and the way i talk on stage.

made some grammartical mistakes there, but just let it go,haiz....realize it after i split the word out but ...ITS TOO LATE TO APPOLO~~GI~~IZE ~~~ITS TOO LA~~~TE~~~

haha..dun bother wat over its over d...

thx to Kung Fu Night 2009 also cause it had given me a chance to

1.stand on the stage of DTSP with nearly 4000 eyes on me

2.wear 'qi bao' for the 1st time in my life

3.know so many new friends

4. enhance my public speaking skills

5.make my friends proud of me ( of them said..but duno true or not..maybe just to please me..tell works!(^o^) )

I think this will be the last time for me to host an event.

Will it be a waste?

i dunno

some said i'm good in it, and improving.

but i think i dont belong there, cause i dont really think that i have the talent. I just do wat i'd learned from others and adding a little bit of myself in it.

i always think that i do not belong on the stage.
i belong to the VIP seat!!!hahaha.....thick skin face leh?

so i'd decided that this is my last event!
Thank you to everyone!

there are a few pics tat i would like to share here.

*morning rehearsal

*1st time take pic with Yong Sian my six form school-mate ( i looked dark cos shadow but it shows the stage, i like it.. ^0^ )

*after make-up and hair-do, by APT same make-up artist with Math Night 08', really love it sadly cant really take everything with my camera..d pic didnt show my eye shadow colours, and all the blings

* Debbie , me and yean nee my partners

*ah ma, me , mummy and ladder case..haha

*regine, jennifer, me , jacklyn and steph

more pics on Facebook

p/s: special thanks to

chee seong for asking me to go to Kung Fu Night 09' interview.

ching for explaining to my grandma throughout the whole night.