Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i am so lucky to have all of you!

i never really imagine how my life in uni will be when i was younger

but after i entered uni,
i feel happy and glad cause i have a group of ppl around me,
who i love n love me as well.

felt very exited when i know that i'm going to kuching with my friends this July.
dont know why pingping changed her mind.
but glad that she did
hope tat she wont regret..hehe...
cos i really want her to enjoy the trip
go because she wants to go and not because of me..

chatted with clun n kenny just now

conversation with clun.
i was so exited that i told him that i'm going to Kuching with my coursemates.
then he said he is very jealous,
cause everytime he asks his coursemates to go out, they wont go
always reject him
even the bus fare to Cameron Highland from their place is just rm8,
they refuse to go
even he offered to fetch them to town and eat,
they refused,
they said better stay at home and eat Maggi,
i can understand his feeling though,
must be very sien lo,
just study n lots of assignments n projects,
tats all,
tats y he said he miss penang so much...

conversation with kenny.
he said his frens are only frens when he has car.
always want to lend his car but never pump back the petrol for him.
only will call or show up when they need his car.
he will always lend his car to them,
but when its time for him, they will start to berkira,
like he told me once he need to claim rm10 for a project but until now the director never give him anything,
and the director also always take benefits from him,
the latest case, borrowed his car n drove to town (
4 hours) and came back with empty tank and return the car to him.
another case, all went to eat at nasi kandar then just write in one bill then let kenny pay.
for a few times,
then our kenny zai became smart and write his own seperate bill.
(but still not smart enough till now, though i scolded him for hundreds time for this)

in conclusion
i really feel lucky to have a group of ppl who i can really call friends cause i dont think Kenny's friends are FRIENDS anyway.
we never abandon each other nor hurt each other (minor one doesnt count la, cos i'm too kind to count that..haha...)
we never take advantage from each other nor take each other for granted.
though now we dont really see each other as often as we used to be,
but i think the invisible rope which bond us together never loosen.

are u as lucky as me?


pingping said...

Haha! I'm sorry that I once disappointed u... Financial crisis, I couldn't tell when it's going to get better... And that time, I was under "Finance + Exam trauma".

Just want to let u know, I feel happy being part of ur uni life, and I hope this relationship lasts, as long as possible.

Thx for bearing my bad temper, bad behaviour, bad emotion-control-system, etc and being such a great friend...

Seriously, I have never heard you complain anything about us...

Maybe at the back got la, just like me critic ppl in my blog, then complain this and that to u, but nv let the person know... But that's not the point la,as long as we still treat each other as friend, it's not a big problem. Who on earth never critics!

Little complains make our heart feel better... (Hehe, at least this is what I feel)

I am lucky to hav u, too!


VoNnE said...

so sweet n touching...(^_^)