Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kung Fu Night USM 09'

Ladies & Gentlemen

i present you

Kung Fu Night USM 2009

Alas! it ended!
erm...sounded tat i cant wait for it end...
no la just tat before that quite worry
cause not enought time to prepare
when everyone was busy

we gathered together,
all four of us,
only about 3-4 times b4 the real day
and it is a Uni event
and we never have any full rehearsal!
everything was still blur on the day itself

happy that it ended well

1st. i dint hurt my leg with my 5-inch high heel as my ankle still swollen a bit.

2nd. for the protocol part no major mistake. ( got minor mistake but hope tat can be forgiven cos the big shots names and their position are so long and the light was dim)

3rd. i didnt go blank or numb on the stage

4th. ppl laugh at my jokes

5th. responded to my question

really thx for all who came especially to my friends and family who willing to spend the evening with me in DTSP.

and i think i m gud! haha...cos i can stand infront of nearly 2000 ppl and speak to them!
imagine talking to nearly 2000 ppl...

but i still need to improve a lot in my English, pronounciation, gestures and the way i talk on stage.

made some grammartical mistakes there, but just let it go,haiz....realize it after i split the word out but ...ITS TOO LATE TO APPOLO~~GI~~IZE ~~~ITS TOO LA~~~TE~~~

haha..dun bother wat over its over d...

thx to Kung Fu Night 2009 also cause it had given me a chance to

1.stand on the stage of DTSP with nearly 4000 eyes on me

2.wear 'qi bao' for the 1st time in my life

3.know so many new friends

4. enhance my public speaking skills

5.make my friends proud of me ( of them said..but duno true or not..maybe just to please me..tell works!(^o^) )

I think this will be the last time for me to host an event.

Will it be a waste?

i dunno

some said i'm good in it, and improving.

but i think i dont belong there, cause i dont really think that i have the talent. I just do wat i'd learned from others and adding a little bit of myself in it.

i always think that i do not belong on the stage.
i belong to the VIP seat!!!hahaha.....thick skin face leh?

so i'd decided that this is my last event!
Thank you to everyone!

there are a few pics tat i would like to share here.

*morning rehearsal

*1st time take pic with Yong Sian my six form school-mate ( i looked dark cos shadow but it shows the stage, i like it.. ^0^ )

*after make-up and hair-do, by APT same make-up artist with Math Night 08', really love it sadly cant really take everything with my camera..d pic didnt show my eye shadow colours, and all the blings

* Debbie , me and yean nee my partners

*ah ma, me , mummy and ladder case..haha

*regine, jennifer, me , jacklyn and steph

more pics on Facebook

p/s: special thanks to

chee seong for asking me to go to Kung Fu Night 09' interview.

ching for explaining to my grandma throughout the whole night.


KoBy_Poh86 said...

congratulation for the success !!
its a great event to be participated, hopefully u will learn a alot from that.

evelyn said...

hey,ur ahma is taller than you.wahaha! jk =P

VoNnE said...

i m taller k?
just tat the angel de problem..