Friday, January 16, 2009

i'm not a judge

mix with different ppls recently
received lots of comments on others n also commented on others aka GOSSIP
also a few comments on myself..for being self-centred..
trying hard to minimize it...
but i'm not saint so do remind me if i'm acting like tat..

chatting with them let me knows lots of things happened in the other side of the class
which looked normal as usual...i dun really observe my surrounding

expl: my mom gv away my pet n asked me whether i notice anything wrong in the living room (my pet and his cage), i said no...the she told me the answer...tat time she already gv it away for about a week..heartless...and blind *wont repeat tat..urgh...

but things really happened whenever n wherever there are ppl...
so i did received a few hot news from the other side...
n started to be a little transmitter to a few of my gang members...
and of course i know sum are not 'transmitable'...

and eventually,
i put my own opinion in everycase
and judge ppl
what a sin tat i'm always commiting
but i really cant help it
especially when i'm in the right mood n with the right ppl
it just get everything out of me

it happend once when my words were twist-turned n used against me
n got me into real trouble
but still i did not learn to control myself

like others who transmitted the news to me...

maybe i shouldn't judge ppl on the way they do things...
cos i think that they r not doin it right.
who m i to judge?
but still i cant control myself from judging
like many others
as well as to stop anyone from judging me

so in conclusion,
i'll still try my best to control

pssst...* cause i'm loaded with news i cant wait to share with pingping ....just 12 throw sumthin out b4 it explode or i'll hv to bare the risk....
n thank God tat pingping wont tell others...
her tank like will empty by itself 1 very geng....
cos will take it like trash?
sorry i'm judging again...


do u ever hv headache?
wat makes ur head ache?
hmm...fever not counted...

when i force myself to understand a very complicated thing
or the things tat i had read orver n over again but still hv totally no idea about it

when i'm doin very very tough math question

i'll get headache

i din get headache for a very very long time

untill tonight

i need to rush my tutorial tomorrow (8am class)

Pkei ask me...why so 'gan cheong' ( nervous)
is not like we need to pass it up anyway..
i noe..
i told her cause i promised myself to finish every tutorial since last sem...
but the bigger part of it is LEE BOON PIN finished the whole tutorial when we met at class this afternoon (yesterday afternoon to be exactly now is friday d)
n damn tat tutorial is so killing me
it took about 2 whole pages of A4 paper to finish 1 question n i divide each page into 2 n the question is a sub question so if i do finish the tutorial its goin to be about 10 full papers...

very hard to admit the kiasuism in me...
but this time
hv to admit...hahaha....

summore got 253 , 122 n 252 tutorial 2 to rush this weekend...
math quiz on saturday
gv tuition 2moro n sunday night


i guess i need a power shot

~~~what a wonderful wor~~ld~~~ by neil armstrong.....

*dropped flat
*and then woke up n continue doing my tutorial

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

busy busy busy

these few weeks had been the busiest weeks i ever had after i enter uni..
beginning from early december...

all the outings, activities and everything...
since school started i dont really hv time to study until now,
i feel very very guilty bout it all the while,
cause i really want a dean list this semester,
so i hv to work harder, very very hard.
n my performance so far, very bad.

told myself hv to start to plan,
cannot like tat d,
n starting to hv a headache of how to plan for next sem n next next sem.

want to get dean list?
then hv to add some extra core courses
risk: final year project if take a lot of time will make my result drop and worsen the condition

dun 12 get dean list?
just take the minimum papers and audit courses and focus on final year project

but i want dean list...
argh...why do they hv to make my life difficult?