Friday, January 16, 2009


do u ever hv headache?
wat makes ur head ache?
hmm...fever not counted...

when i force myself to understand a very complicated thing
or the things tat i had read orver n over again but still hv totally no idea about it

when i'm doin very very tough math question

i'll get headache

i din get headache for a very very long time

untill tonight

i need to rush my tutorial tomorrow (8am class)

Pkei ask me...why so 'gan cheong' ( nervous)
is not like we need to pass it up anyway..
i noe..
i told her cause i promised myself to finish every tutorial since last sem...
but the bigger part of it is LEE BOON PIN finished the whole tutorial when we met at class this afternoon (yesterday afternoon to be exactly now is friday d)
n damn tat tutorial is so killing me
it took about 2 whole pages of A4 paper to finish 1 question n i divide each page into 2 n the question is a sub question so if i do finish the tutorial its goin to be about 10 full papers...

very hard to admit the kiasuism in me...
but this time
hv to admit...hahaha....

summore got 253 , 122 n 252 tutorial 2 to rush this weekend...
math quiz on saturday
gv tuition 2moro n sunday night


i guess i need a power shot

~~~what a wonderful wor~~ld~~~ by neil armstrong.....

*dropped flat
*and then woke up n continue doing my tutorial


闇X7 said...

In this situation, the tension that you faced indirectly caused the minor headache, you know it right?

VoNnE said...