Wednesday, January 14, 2009

busy busy busy

these few weeks had been the busiest weeks i ever had after i enter uni..
beginning from early december...

all the outings, activities and everything...
since school started i dont really hv time to study until now,
i feel very very guilty bout it all the while,
cause i really want a dean list this semester,
so i hv to work harder, very very hard.
n my performance so far, very bad.

told myself hv to start to plan,
cannot like tat d,
n starting to hv a headache of how to plan for next sem n next next sem.

want to get dean list?
then hv to add some extra core courses
risk: final year project if take a lot of time will make my result drop and worsen the condition

dun 12 get dean list?
just take the minimum papers and audit courses and focus on final year project

but i want dean list...
argh...why do they hv to make my life difficult?

1 comment:

pingping said...

Don't worry, the busier u are, the smarter u will be...

There's nothing on Earth that human cant handle... U said u want to be extraordinary right! I have faith in u!!

Break a leg!