Monday, December 29, 2008

i'm in control

i'd put it down
i'd deleted everything we shared

its now a new me n him
those stories are not us
those are just stories of others

maybe i still dun hv new stories to write
so i used to read the old stories
but not now
cause i'd decided to write a new story
with new characters
which i'll be in control of the contents
very hard, almost impossible
but i'm trying hard too

hope tat i'll end every chapers, happy.


pingping said...

if u delete it, u've no memories left... y dun u try to keep it as a wonderful memory?

i'm looking forward to ur new stories, but hope u wont be too strict with ur contents...

u know, we only live once, so if u feel like doing crazy things, should go ahead and follow ur heart! crazy stuffs make ur life more wonderful!

a life that is full of rules is boring...

luv u a lot! muaksss!

闇X7 said...

Let the new beginning rolls...