Monday, December 22, 2008

1st day of 2nd sem second year

so fast
second year
second sem already

just so so fast...
still remember the 1st day when i stepped into USM as an undergraduate

and now..

not used to it a little..

some of them will ask for cseong, tfung n wping
wping also will ask for the direction to her class from me
its quite weird
since we are so close together now
and studied together in most of the classes that we attended before

now only left
2 or 3 classes which we will attend together

but life goes on

went early to school then only found out that there is nothing else to do
then went to LSP 402, my english class, had a hard time to search for the class
and quite disappointed with the lecturer
don't know whether it is good or bad

then after busying with all the stuffs
we went to qbay
yong jc skuo n pkei
we went to eat at Kim Gary
then we were late for the movie
Transporter 3
very very good actions

after the movie only we realize that
yong lost his hp
makes me feel a bit sad
cause i'd gone through it too
and got to know that he had very precious videos and photos in it

talked to him lots of things
just for him to feel better
cause i know
when we lost something precious
we will start to blame ourself
for being careless
and start to think
'if i check my pocket...
'if i stay at home...
bla bla bla...

we know that we shouldn't do that
cause it wont bring any good
we are old enough to know all the theories
but we just cant avoid doing it

tried my best to tell him
hope that he can get over it

and hope that the one who took the phone will return it to him and also wont misuse the contents in the phone.

not a good start this sem.


Tyler said...

wow, so fast...
This sem have to work harder liao...
jia you jia you!
you still lucky to have few friends with you in some class...
I want to find a close friend there also very hard ah.....
my class all so big, so all the friends there are like 'Hi, Bye' friends. T___T
anyway, stay focus and I'll support you always!
Merry Christmas!

VoNnE said...

thanks...we jia you together...dun hiao so much d liao...