Thursday, February 5, 2009

not that fortunate...this cny


While you are walking please pay full attention on your walk To the girls

open your umbrella while you are walking even though the sun is so damn hot and you are rushing to sit for a test.

*yes, both are my legs
today i got a test.
which i studied so hard last minute...cos enjoyed too much during the holiday
den while i'm on my way there..
out of the escalator
saw the sun so hot
i walked very fast

cos almost time ( still got time actually but always late so got used to it)
den i so scared that the hot sun will burn my skin ( den the masks i put on my face on monday and yesterday will be wasted)
so i open my umbrella while walking out...


there are like 2 steps of stairs in front
and i.....
the last thing i know is an extreme pain on m
y right ankle
and a big 'bang' ( the new steel water tumbler mummny bought for me)

then i stood up
of course rush to the test la...

and gud news the test was at
E47 HS2(library)
so many stairs to climb up
den down again to the basement

hurt so much

den after that went to give tuition
suddenly the car gv me problem

mati engine

den tried to park
den after that
when on my way home
prayed hard that i can reach home safely
when i reached home
smoke came out from the fron of the car
out of water
i knew it

tried to open the front cap (whatever u call it, i call it cap)
cant open,
just realised that i never open it before

dun bother la
later daddy 'gao dim'
after that mummy told that last time when she finished filling in the water
she forgot to close the cap of the water tank
and left it beside
so all the water came out
tat saved me from scolding

then realised that my leg already become like wat u see above...
and growing...

sui....hopefully wont affect my test result..

tomorrow still got class.....

learnt a lesson?

this is the second time actually first time was like 7 years ago
on basketball field
also got like high n low eh place ma
at the corner there...

i shall be more n more n more careful...

*after wrapping


pingping said...

At 1st I cant see anything wrong in the picture... After reading, I scrolled up again... Oh my god!! It looks like there is a ping pong buried under ur ankle!!

Next time must be very careful lo! Buy an ankle guard to protect it, cuz sprained ankle hardly recover...

Just like me, sometimes feel like nothing, but when I walk too much... It starts to feel pain again... Then what's worse is it easily got sprain again...

VoNnE said...

ya lo...always like tat 1..tats y i broke a few very 'fragile' heels b4.. there anyway to make a full recovery ?
so that it will never ever happen again?