Monday, March 2, 2009

Parenting is not an easy subject.

i said a lot about my student in my previous blog...
today i have a different view.

Last time i'll always think that my student is too 'xing fu' so that she dont know how to appreciate what she has, but now i think its because if the parents that she becomes who she is now.

She is not talking to her mother since 2-3 weeks ago.
The father doesnt really bother about her.

Her mum doesn't like her to go to tuition outside, she rather pay for expensive house tuition teacher than send her daughter outside for tuition cause scared that the daughter will meet some 'bad' friends there.
Then, the daughther was angry cause the mum didnt trust her, i tried to explain to her, her mum believes i her but her mum doesnt believe in the people around her which she never see and never talk to. So for sure she will worry and will do anything to protect her whether she likes it or not.
I think both of them need to communicate better.
Now, since both of them are not talking to each other, isnt it the mum should be more mature and should take the initiative and talk nicely to the daughther as i can sense that my student really want her parents to treat her well like other parents.

Today, she asked me to fetch her back from tuition 8:30pm from tanjung, near komtar.
I offered actually, cause she said her dad doesnt want to go to fetch her, then i said u try to ask again if really her dad doesnt want to fetch her then i'll go to fetch her.
She said she wants to come back by bus, but i dun let her do so, cause it will be dangerous for a 15 year-old to wait for bus and walk back home at night.
As her apartment is located in the kampung which homes a lot of foreign workers now.
Then the dad really asked her to come back by herself since she wants to go to tuition so much.
This is the second time i fetch her.
1st time was from school, she has an extra class and unable to contact the dad that time.

How irresponsible the parents are?
not just the dad, the mum also.
How can they do this to their daughter?
No matter how bad is she, but wont they worry about her safety?

the mum always said that they had given everything to her, new laptop, well-furnished room , a maid and etc..what else that she wants? She is taking everything for granted.
i think even u noe what she needs...why cant the parents?

a lof of problems happened, i know.
but she is your daughter, the one you should protect and love with everything you have.
maybe because both of ther parents are really young, but parenting is much more than what they think.

if you are unable to learn how to educate and love a child, please do not have any as it will ruin you and the most importantly the innocent child's life.

p/s : nearly had an argument with mummy because of that, cause mummy thinks that i'm very 'ke po'. haha...why bother? its her parents responsibility and not mine..and summore i hv to go that far at night to fetch her. That reminds me, i have mummy too. But, maybe because i dun have any siblings, that makes me cherish those ppl around me, my friends and my students more. I cant really just sit there and do nothing. Sorry, mum.


闇X7 said...

I guess the reason why you concerned maybe due to your need of care from someone and towards someone. We call it the transference but I don't really want to discuss it here.

Such phenomena are the result of mental health neglect. Material need is easy to be fulfilled as it can be observed but not the mental or psychological necessity that is long abandoned by modern city residents. Ironical claimed, is this what public want from spiritual/psychological helpers?

VoNnE said...

hmm...i duno...but not many can accept psycological helpers in our society...think so?