Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cari Makan

Last Sunday mummy said want to bring me to a vegetarian restaurant behind GMC for brunch,
i really like vegetarian food,
but what happened was, she cant find the place and refused to call her friend and asked where is the restaurant,
we were going round and round and discovered many other cafe's ans restaurants except that particular one which we are looking for.

Since we were at the area and i was very hungry cause i din eat since morning,
i asked her to bring me to eat 'Mee Sua Tau' a kind of sticky mee sua served with crabmeat and back vinegar and etc, tasted almost the same with the shark fin soup we eat normally in restaurant.

it is located in the housing area at Pulau Tikus. ( where the rich-rich belaka ppls live)
Take the left turn from the triangle in front of S.Disted College
Then when u see the road sign 'Jalan Cantoment" on ur right take a left turn.
Then u'll see this big big house

then at the opposite of this house, among the bushes u'll see this sign

Turn into it, then u'll see this

It used to be a club for the richie richs, mostly those westerners who retired here. I used to come here like 6-8 years ago, and still see some of the 'ang mo' there, now i'm not really sure.

Well, the restaurant is actually behind the bungalow

mummy always like to peep at ppl, kena tangkap basah by me

So, this is the menu, sorry my phone camera is not that good. This price which u can barely see, is actually not that expensive compared others.

This is num.16 Mee Sua Tau, we ordered a small one to share: RM 5.00
Very nice! Its the famous dish there.

Num.2 Chicken Chop : RM 7.50
Not nice, bland.

Num. 18 Roti Babi and Num. 17 Spring Roll: RM3.80 each
Also the famous dish there, very nice and the fillings to me tasted the same for both.

The spring roll and roti babi taste even better with this sauce(which they made it with their own recipe) available in supermarkets but i dun know wats the name and it tasted different with theirs.
Mixed it with cili padi.


I was very full by then, but mummy said the chicken chop not nice, want to order somemore. Lets order Mee Jawa. She said the the Mee Jawa there very nice.

Fried Mee Jawa RM 3.80.
It was loaded with seafoods and chickens and etc...very tasty.

And by the time we finished all the food, both of us were so bloated until we skipped dinner, mummy worst, cant even sleep at night cause indigestion...next time dont be so greedy la..dun eat so much!

Total Spent : RM 25.80 for 2 persons. With 3 combined meal portion. Imagine that. Means for each meal, each of us only pays RM 4.13. Haha...worth it?

At night, we went to Fort Cornwalis to eat fruits and rojak.
Also were bloated that time when we went because of the food we ate earlier.

Took a pic of mummy and daddy at the bay.


carmen said...

wow! next time bring me go, hehe..

VoNnE said...

sure..no prob!

Ryan said...

thought it's called mee sua kor, ha, liked it. i was brought to one restaurant at Pulau tikus, was quite nice. miss it...

VoNnE said...

yalo we call it mee sua kor but there wrote mee sua tau...maybe its in other chinese dialect

den when u come back we go together k?

pingping said...

dear, i've been there!!!


when my fren brought me there, my 1st thought was: i saw this place b4, i remember i saw it in ur blog...

i love roti babi, mee jawa and spring roll!!!

haha... got time we go there makan k!