Thursday, March 5, 2009

理大功夫学会 - 2月21号 功夫之夜 - 傲战





技术问题相当的严重噢~ 而且司仪和工作人员有好多东西缺乏协调,结果还满混乱的。”






KoBy_Poh86 said...

yvonne, take this critism as a courage, to be more mature in conducting any event... u have tried ur best for the night, clap for urself... we as audience can't imagine and experienced what u felt when preparing for the night... they just voiced out what they saw, what they felt...
erm.. u still a newbie in conducting event, still have a lots to learn (i know i don't have that qualification to comment on you because i never be mc before).. but to face around 2000 audiences, i believe any MC with lack experience will worry and scare, but you had shown ur confidence to everyone by stepping on the stage...
hopefully you can try again next time, with another side of yvonne with well-trained and well-prepared... the rest, depends on how the audience comment...

p/s: i knew where the source of comments from, hehe~~

carmen said...

dont be upset,dont abt this mistake then give it up.
no one always right, no one never mistake, no one always perfect.
in my impression, last year maths nite u r the best & 'deep in my heart':)
jia you~~~
i believe in....u can do it.

pingping said...

hey, baby... don't be so upset!

that person was right, 4 of u really don't have the 默契...

anyway, it's really over, baby! if u're not satisfy with those comments, then do better next time alright ^_^

remember, critics are meant for improvement! so don't take it by heart...

but dear ar, there's one thing i need to tell u... sometimes it's good to be confident, but not overestimate urself... i don't mean to be offensive or trying to hurt u here, but overestimating urself will only make u feel sucks if the outcome is not optimistic.

anyhow, if u intended to step into this MC field, pls pls pls don't step back because of those comments k! i have faith in u...


VoNnE said...

thx a lot for ur support and encouragement...

i'll try my best to thrive

and u guys r rite..
i cant really pull myself back because of the comments instead i should move forward to improve...

i'll for the advice...really opened up my eyes...which was blinded by the comments and myself..