Saturday, March 28, 2009

POPULAR BOOK FAIR- One stop, Midlands Park, Penang.

I love to read
Not only can gain knowledge but also will enhance my writing skills
my LSP 402 ( English for science) lecturer said my essay is too 'conversational'..
not formal enough, instead for science topic i should use a report style..'sai'
how can i learn that style leh?
since i'm so used to 'conversational' style
due to:

1. my f4& f5 english tuition teacher (Mr.Felix) used to teach us that style in order to score in our 'story' essay.

2. Blogging and MSN

3. Novels and self-improvement books i read

actually before that i'd decided to take 'speaking' english but now maybe i want to stick to my old choice ' business writing'...but still thinking..cant really make a decision

ok, back to the book fair.

the books for my favourite author like : John C.Maxwell and Khaled Hosseini and etc...
the most i see the discount is just 25%..*sigh =.='''

so i got other books instead (^o^)

Dreams From My Father - by Barack Obam

Its like his memoirs,without exaggeration, i'm interested to know how the life of an African who manages Americans, who is also the most influencial people on Earth now.
And he is cute....!!!25% discount ,RM29.93 (after discount)(>.<)

The Witch of Cologne-Tobsha Leaner

Never really know about the author, but since it claims to be 'international bestselling author'
so i guess will be good, flipped through a few pages before buying it..
the story was set in about 'longlong time ago', australian author,
so can learn some old english 50% discount , RM 17.95
so i think its ok for leisure reading.(>.o)

Before i go, took a rm50 note from daddy, and passed it to the lovely cashier and she gave me RM2. 15 in return..*sigh (T.T)

i want to get another book from K.Hosseini
its like his best selling novel:

The Kite Runner

Also a story based in Afghanistan, but this time is not about friendship,
its about 2 women's life...
forgotten whats the title....maybe will get it on the second trip there with ping and kei...
also 25% discount...

wanna go with me? (^o^)


闇X7 said...

I bought 5 books during Popular sales!

VoNnE said...

wow....cant really find the books that i want...or better to say..those that i want all just got a slight discount...*sigh...