Friday, May 15, 2009

My Intership

My uncle helped me to get a internship in Dufu Technology Sdn. Bhd. Its a metal parts company.

A pic i took after work, from the guard house.

Another one from the parking space opposite the factory.

On the first day,
I reached the lobby on 8:00am sharp. The receptionist helped me to call HR and contact the officers in my department to pick me up.

And i waited for 30 mins in the lobby.
I was thinking : Why were they so busy??

I waited...

And waited....

thus, i took some pics of the lobby...

it was raining outside...

Only me sitting there...

Then, someone pick me up..
Reached my office 'Production Control Department' I have my own desk.
But without destop, so its kinda hard for them to assign me to do anything..
until now..
a Taiwanese company..
We cannot request for anything...(as told by my colleague)
So i guess it means i wont hv a destop until the end of the internship.

I just use those available : when my colleague is out or whenever they are not using


But all of them are nice.

Very helpful, friendly and willing to teach me everything.

My manager, the cutest among all the managers in the factory, a graduate of Pure Math, USM.

He is married. *sigh

From the pic above u can see a window at the top right. From that window i can see aeroplane landing...
just about 200m away...
and if i walk nearer i can see aeroplane flying off from the airport...
very very near....

and loud too..

thats the best part of my job so far...

But i really feel glad that i got this internship,
and enjoy working there.
Though every working day (mon- thurs) i reached home at 9 sumthing after give tuition,
and the next morning i have to wake up at 6:15am, I still have the urge to go to work, which i never have before.

Last time when i used to work in qbay, i felt so lazy to go to work, even giving tuition irritates me sometimes but not this 10 hours and low pay job...haha... seems like job satisfaction is important after all.

This is really a small small world.

Just knew that Kenny has a relative who is working in HR ,
and she introduced Kenny, Kok Leong and Kok Leong's bro to work there.
As part-time operator, rm5/hour.

Beginning next week. Hope tat we can have lunch together. But worry about Kok Leong or his brother riding motor to work..kinda dangerous accident rate as i observe after 2 weeks working there 1/2-3 days. Anyway, hope that everything goes well.

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