Tuesday, June 23, 2009


How do u get to know yourself?
By listening to how others comment/critic on ur personality?
or doing some personality test ?
or by judging on ur own.

I do think that most people wont judge themselve on their own, not enough self-confidence i assume or like the chinese proverb: 'tang ju zhe mi'

So if ur mom keep on saying that u are as lazy as a bug.
Then u will assume tat u are lazy...and then continue being lazy...

For my case...(we dun talk about lazy lo...cos my mom said tat to me since the day i was borned..)

People around me tend to say tat i m a bad financial planner aka big spender!
(Hey, i'm just doin my part to 'heal' the recession) (^o^) hohoho...!

Almost everyone...my family..my friends..my ex-counselling teacher from high school...the one who calculate my birthdate to predict my future....

Last time, i dont seem to bother...i mean...i can earn..so i hv the right to spend.
But recently something hitted me...

I got annoyed by being labelled as a 'bad financial planner'.
Feel like wana get rid of it.
That stupid fortune teller said tat in future if my hubby's money is managed by me then it will all be gone...
(feel very 'be syiok' until wana slap her though i never see her)

So i dun wana be like 'kena jampi' aka spellbounded.
when everyone says i'm 'bad financial planner', that i'm gona be broke 24/7 now and then...
i'm gonna prove them wrong. ''(>.<)''

i'm gonna save some cash...not just some...a lot and a lot and a lot...


we cant just be the one who they labelled us...

if they said u stupid? then will u admit that u are stupid then continue being a dumb dumb?



if they said that you are stupid
you should thank them for giving u a chance to prove that you are smarter than they think

if they said that you are lazy
you should thank them for reminding you that you are getting too loose on urself

if they said tat you are cute/beautiful
slap them! they are lying!


have a nice day sweetie! XOXO!


carmen said...

calm down...
next time if u praise me, that i know u're lie me,haha...

闇X7 said...

Agree with you. Let your investment proves them you're successful!


pingping said...

yeah dear, PROVE THEM WRONG!!!

who the hell are they to judge!