Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weird lecturers this sem!

This sem is horrible!terrible!..whatever u call vocab is limited anyway...

1st ...everyday i will sweat like a pig! its so hot, and i always cant find my class.

2nd...PTPTN is late...makes me curse the PTPTN people..GOD pls forgive my sins...


The 1st met on the 1st class, he always has a fake smile like he is wearing a mask, so so so fake and evil which will makes u feel eerie when u look at his smile. And so cheap hiao lo.
( Definition 'cheap hiao' = want to be HIAO but not really that up to standard)

The 2nd lecturer, the economics lecturer, who has some pronunciation problem, the econs class was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia, these are the few mispronounced words:

'...burung-burung asing banyak datang ke malaysia...' (burung = buruh)

'...pelacur terhormat....' (pelacur = pelabur/pelancong)

he sure needs to improve his pronunciation....

The 3rd lecturer, speaks like he haven't slept for 3 days and is extremely dehydrated. The worst thing that he did is, he arranged our position according to our name ( alphabetically)..swt'''..
Then when there is any late comers..we need to switch our position to fit them in... F*
He makes me swear within that whole 2 hours class...GOD condemn him for making me sinned..

Hope that the following class will be better...*sigh..

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Tyler said...

seems so phai mia la sis...
why go such lecturer???