Monday, December 28, 2009

New sem and also last sem starts today!

Its 2a.m in the morning and i'm still infront of my pc as usual.
Since i just changed a new layout of my blog, i might as well take this chance to write a post.

I love my schedule for this seme
ster, i just hv 6 hours of class a week overall, and no class past 1pm nor on friday sat n sun. wooohooo...!!!(>.0)

I wana make good use of my free time this earn lots n lots of $cash$...*kaching kaching kaching*

Hope that i'm able to keep part of it so that i wont be a poor graduate..haha...

I'm going to do my best for this final sem of mine.
In both my studies and also my job as a part-time tutor.

I'm gaining more and more sati
sfaction as a private tutor.
Besides the better pay compared to other part-time that i can find, its the achievements of the students which makes me proud of myself.
Here i would like to share with you the sms i received after the PMR result was announced:

Auntie Dorris :" June's PMR 5A's
, B for KH & BM. D for Chinese. THks 4guiding her in her Math. May God bless U as we rember d birth of d Son of God. Merry Christmas 2u+fmly."

Tze Han
: "Halo teacher....Merry christmas....i get 8a.....^^....."

Note: I din
t change a bit of the sms that i received.

My another PMR ex-student got 3A's for Math, Geo and Chinese, the rest got B.

These really keeps me going, and makes me wana put more effort on all of my students.
I really love all o
f them.

So, i wana enjoy this semester, my final semester in University of Science Malaysia by STUDYING hard, WORKING hard, PLAYING
hard and of course LOVING all my family n friends even harder....


闇X7 said...

Keep up the good work, buddy!

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Tyler said...

time really fly lo... very fast... you in your final year liao, FINALE liao... so fast, jia you!!!