Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Wonderland

My life is full of imagination, especially when i'm alone.
I'll imagine lots of stuffs, realistic and unrealistic.

Sometimes even a normal conversation with my friends.

And that troubles me a lot, because of that 'habit', it makes my mind flies, especially in a boring class or when i'm studying.

Even when i'm driving or walking, i live in my own wonderland.
Thats why people complains that i wont notice them even they were just in front of me , for a few times.

Of course i'm tired of those imaginations which will just be imaginations, but i just cant get it out of my head

I did some little research to find the reason of this phenomena:

Some says that its the nature of a girl.

Some says that Cancerian live in a life full of imagination.

So, maybe that explains it.

Then, i recently i started to imagine myself, got crazy because of all the imaginations.
Then i will really be crazy, having hallucinations and end up talking to myself or etc.

Hope that i can quit it by making myself busier.
Its so tiring. I wish my mind can go blank sometimes.

Am i normal?