Sunday, October 5, 2008

Love Myself

*Got a new haircut from Mintz, fell in love with the hairstylist for 30mins while he was cutting my hair, he was so cute and gentle..haha...

Every week i'll find one day, mostly on weekend,
i'll pamper myself,
starting with a long warm shower after waxing,
beside washing,
i'll do a hair treatment and while w
aiting for my hair to absorbs the nutrients,
i'll do a full body scrub,
it is very important for us to scrub away all the dead cells then only our skin can generate more new and healthy cells,
and when we apply lotion on it it will absorbs quicker without the dead cells blocking in front of living cells.

Then i'll put on a deep cleansing and firming mask on my face and a nose pack on my nose,
afer 15 minutes i'll peel the nose pack off and wash off the mask. Next, i'll put on a
whitening mask or moisturising mask, it will absorbs better after deep cleasing. after 20-25 mins. I'll remove the mask and massage the essence into my face.

*This is how i look like when i'm wearing D' ugly..even mask riders look better than me.

Finally, i'll apply my favourite Daintree lotion on my whole body,
massaging the muscles when i'm applying it to enhance new cells growth via blood circulation.

The whole process will take about 2 hours.
Due to a low budget restriction, i cant go out to get a full body treatment.
Hope that when i start to work i'll be able to.

Cause by loving and pampering myself like that, it gives me a total relaxation, thinking of nothing else except myself.

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