Thursday, October 2, 2008

controling myself

self discipline is a very very very very had thing..
indeed it is the hardest thing to me...
whatever i plan for myself, i'll screw it up,
i'll always wake up 15 mins later,
study less than i plan,
spend more than i plan,
and etc....

why i'll be like that?
when i see others with a very good self discipline,
it makes me feels sad and then keep on blaming myself
why do i hv this kinda habit?
and in the end i wont change at all...
i cant..

still..trying to figure out ways to change...
cos i know if i dun change 1 day it will affect my work performance,
which i would never allowed it to happen.

working full day 2moro, plan to spend just RM1 for parking.
i can make it.

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