Monday, October 20, 2008

i cook!

today is a no class day.
so as usual i'll have to find food in the house.

i just kicked the fever and the sore throat away,
but the flu just love me so much,

so i cant take biscuits nor chocolate drinks or etc,
so i decided to cook,

Spaghetti and mushroom soup.

These are all u can expect from a person who don't go to the wet market.

first of course, i didnt take my dinner yesterday so i was damn hungry,

i cooked the easier one 1st,

the mushroom soup, the Campbell's...

very easy, according to the instructions given,
we have to pour the soup in 1st then only we add in the water,
but if like that your soup is going to be harder to dissolve,
so i always do it the other way round,
i boil the water first,
then only i add in the soup.

and soup was ready...

then i again boiled water to cook the spaghetti,
while waiting for the water to boil, i drank the soup,

after the water is boiled i add in the spaghetti,

i bought a Maggi Bolognese sauce mix a few weeks ago,
but didn't use it that time cause suddenly felt like cooking a Tom Yam souce for the spaghetti,
so i use it this time.

after the spaghetti is cooked, rinsed it with cold water, and left it beside.
some will add in oil to the boiling water before cooking the spaghetti so that it wont stick together,
but i'm using the traditional chinese way, by rinsing it with cold water, the colder the better,
not only it wont stick together but also it will be more 'Q'(suddenly forget how to say in in english ;more chewy i guess)

after that i started to cook the sauce ( i only hv one stove so i have to do it one by one )
i add a little bit of oil,
fried the minced meat, and prawns ( prepared by my mummy in case we want to use it anytime)
then i add in a little bit of water and that sauce mix,
like the instructions shown on the packet,
just that add a litle bit of garlic when i fried the minced meat and prawns,
i love garlic,
then i cooked untill it became paste like (dry a little bit)

ta da.....

*its ready to be served

i cant really taste it due to the flu,
but with my taste buds,
i can say the flavour is ok,
but i can say it will be better if i can add in some Mozarella cheese,
some mushrooms,
spice is not needed, not salt cause it was all mixed in,
it is a bit salty though, so the ratio of the spaghetti and sauce have to be right.
(the one on the pic i added in a little bit more , jst to make it looks nicer, i took out about 2 table spoon before i ate it)

it also had a very strong tomato taste, not spicy at all.
worth a try.

the serving size : 3 ( according to my serving size, if you know my serving size!)

and the that spaghetti and the soup, i'm bloated.

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pingping said...

Yum~ Yum~

It looks very nice!!

Dear dear, sakit eat spaghetti ok kah?? Haha... Should eat plain porridge lo... Healthier, "oiless"...

Exam is coming lo! Must take really good care of urself, if not cannot pia...

If at home cannot study come to school, we study at library together! ^_^

But b4 that, u must recover 1st, if not cannot come! Sick ppl should rest =)