Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i'm back!

i'm back from malacca d..
in one piece..thanks
it was a very nice an interesting trip...
not only can see malacca, feel malacca but also live like a malaccan,
thanks to Ping and her family for letting me stay in their house for 3 days and 2 nights...
and also i send my greatest gratitude to Ping for bringing me to the best places in malacca..
and eat with me all those delicacies that i ate untill
felt like exploding...

i'll write more about my malacca trip when i got d pics from Ping...

recently feels tat i got left out a lot in my studies...
still i need to work this weekend...
really need to work hard d...
if not all my hard work for all these years will be gone...

seeing all those set ups for convocation
made me thought of the time when i was in f4...
i was siting on the bench in the canteen..
with the girls..
forgotten if they were 'ching, psee, yy, or hling'

that day was the day when the
graduated students came back to take their spm result..
i told my friends,
another 2 years it will be our chance,
we will be the one in the hall,

then when tat day came,
really it is just like a split second,
i recall what i said,
just like today,
i was thinking,
now is mei's, ryan's and corinthian's turn,
next 2 years, it will be my turn...

i'll cherish every second i spend in uni,
and i hope that everything will go smooth,
and i will also graduate smoothly,
as well as my friends.

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