Wednesday, August 27, 2008

finished half

the second half of this semester had begun,
my performance so far, not as good as what i'd expected,
really need to put more time on my studies,
feel that dont want to work that much since i'm teaching a new tuition,
but quite hard to tell Christ cos i noe she really need manpower,
when i needed her help, she helped me,
now i really hope that i can do my best to help her,
i'll try my best.

the whole thing about Christine and Cedrick really..haiz..
i know that Cedrick is just joking when he told me about betraying them by working with his enemy,
they all pakat to brain-wash her permanent to leave her, so that o one will help her,
it is just their childish act,
i know that i shouldn't bother about that,
but whenever i talk to both of them i tend to tell them whats happening at the other party,
a bit,
but i have no mean in adding their hatred towards each other,
i just dunno why i voice it out,
and i always try to pull back when i know they stat to get angry with each other,
promised myself not to talk about them in front of anyone d,
to avoid problems.

hmm..started to get lazy,
have to push,
but 251 really is making me crazy, a bit blur...
hope that this friday 263 test will be better,
i really want an improvement,
not dare to tell,
but really,
i also want to feel, the feeling of my name printed on The List with them..
jia you...gambateh...

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