Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breakfast in the heart of the Penang

Mom is so so crazy about this Lam Mee in Carnavon Street.
Recently, she'll wake me up every Sunday morning, and ask me to go to eat with her.
Its situated beside the old wet market.
A very narrow stall, can only fit in about 3 tables max.

*The stall is right below the green canopy

So while you are eating, you can see people standing; waiting to 'ta pao' and some are looking at you impatiently, praying hard that you'll finish your food faster so that they can take your seat.
But are in Penang..those waiting for you to leave might not have a smiling face but they wont grin either *cheers* (>.0)

*very simple 'kitchen'

All this while Lum Mee will never make it into the list when I'm choosing my meal.
But this is really something.

*Ordered Maggi noodle, without meat and celery.
See the big big prawns???There were about 5 big prawns in it.
To me, the size of prawns never really matters, the most important thing is the freshness.
And those prawns were so fresh until I can smell ocean when I was chewing them. (^o^)
Maybe because they are freshly delivered every morning, since the wet market is just a few steps away.
The soup tastes superb as well. A must try!

*they even remove the **** from the prawn
Thanks to her:

*while we were eating , this auntie non-stop peeling and cleaning the prawns

*the World Heritage market

As you walk down the market you'll see some tourists strolling along the street.
Nicely furnished guest houses and western cafes mushroomed over there as its the heart of World Heritage Site in Penang.
Mom bought me a birthday cake last night.
It makes me felt damn guilty cause I went out to have dinner and movie with friends instead.
When I reach home, its already 1am.
And she was sitting right in front of the TV waiting for me to come home.
Gosh! bad girl!
Since it was late, we've decided to cut it the next morning.
Then she told me another thing which makes my heart aches more, she went to 3 shops then only she found this cake, which satisfied her.
Thanks a lot Mom!!!!
For all those pain you went through 23 years ago and now and counting..haha..
I'll try my best to minimize that..thats a promise from your girl! (>.o)
Only 1 question I asked.
Von: "Mi, why dint write my name on the top of the cake?"
Mom: "Oh, I forgotten how to spell your name" (=.=)'''
Yeah, now I can really forgive all those who knew me for quite a long time but still has a hard time spelling my name, cause even my MOM cant remember the 6 letters~~

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