Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mel and Tennis

i seldom chat with Mel
he always very very very busy
and he is so far away from me
we started talking, chatting on msn since his mom entered hospital a few years ago
and he gv me his msn and Gracie's(his pet dog) blog add..
wonder how is she now...

chatted with him again just now...
currently still chatting but he's replying me slow
maybe he's busy..
is his working time now..

after knowing him for 21 years only i realize tat...
he is so damn good in tennis
i mean like professional level
and he was the national player for singapore
(he studied there when he was very very very young)
he is still young now...

and he is still playing it now..
still very active...
and he used to be a tennis coach..
a pro 1..
just now he gv me his tennis blog add
which he advertises his tennis lessons

the pictures there really amazed me...

wonder who took this picture...so pro..

like cacat a bit..but still very pro lo...

Makes me feel like wanna play too...
maybe one day i can play with him le..hehe..

By the way, Melvin is...

uncle of mine...hehe..

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