Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bbq steamboat

went to eat steamboat with pingping, yong, jc, pkei, and tfung yesterday...

didnt go out with them for quite a long time d...

but still a few others cant make it...

really hope that all of us can really get together next time...

we had fun,
with the foods and also the heavy rain...

pkei said that she is jealous of me n ping ping cause we have them as gud frens in our uni life...
and she cant find any...

she like the way we joke mostly by teasing each other...and i was the worse victim yesterday...
i'm so innocent...

and the guys really treat us well...

so i just told her to join us more often lo next time...
hope that she'll have a happy uni life also...

tats what friends are for...
we share.

before we start cookin'

posing b4 start

while we were cookin n eating

while waiting for the soup to boil

its chopsticks lickin good

again b4 we start to cook...

ice-cream time

i guess they really like those ice sticks


I really dont want to work this semester break
or to be more accurately
i really dont want to do the same work again

just now chirstine called me
she said need to cut budget
so there is no vacancy for me anymore

seems like i know that this will come

thats why when my friends saw my msn msg n asked me when will i start to work
i'll tell them if nothing goes wrong
i'll start to work this Friday


as if i really felt like i can sense something coming
and it proved that i was right

so when i was talking to chirstine over the phone
she kept on apologising
and i purposely sound a bit disappointed
just a little bit
so that it'll make her think that i'm actually taking it seriously since i promised her to help her
cause she wants to take a week leave on dec
but now since the Operation Manager said want to cut cost
so she cant do anything

expect me to believe?
she is the one who taught me not to believe in everyone
not everyone we know can be friends

actually i can sense that this kind of situation will happen
because when you are running a shop
u cant always have a position emptied
so on n off there need to be someone there
and if u found a suitable one
u can train him/her
and it is not difficult working there

so i can be easily substituted
so this time
i choose rather not to believe in her totally
cause she hit 3 months target and stretch due to the sales
and the company will cut her outlet budget?
which is the lowest among all the outlet in M'sia?
am i that stupid?
or i dont know a bit about business?

but we cant judge a book by its cover right?

so i chose to be understanding

even though i really dun want to work with her
and already looking for other jobs
but still i dint tell her

instead i was waiting for this chance to come

so now
she is the one who is apologising

it wont affect her at all
cause this kinda things happen

but if i said i dun wan to work with her earlier
then i'll be labeled as
no commitment
etc and etc

i might need her one day

i'm just trying to survive

and i think i did nothing wrong

but i feel tat i'm getting evil




闇X7 said...

It is not your fault in the first place if you're to be labeled negatively, as for me, people have different perception and to be more precise of current economic status, it is recession. Agree?

Ryan said...

things just go like this.....

people learn to protect themselves...nobody wish to be cheated and hurt....

who is to hurt, who is to be hurt...there would definitely be someone...