Thursday, August 12, 2010

Highlights of the extremely fun Cameron Trip!

If you were to ask anyone who had been to Cameron Highlands hows their trip, I guess most of them will say; nice weather, beautiful scenery and fresh vegetables, thats all, cause there are nothing much to do there.^^
That was what I was told before I went there with my friends.
Our trip: AWESOME!
I googled a few NOT TO MISS places there before we go and briefly planned our 2days 1 night trip.
And wherever we go, we hunt for FOOD. (>.<)

Our first stop, I think is somewhere near the foot of Cameron Highland. There, we tasted our very first strawberry ice made of real
strawberry juice. Its JUICY~~

We touched down at our rented hotel apartment Country Lodge. We were surprised cause the 2 bedrooms
apartment we rented was so spacious.
Its kinda old and don't actually have proper locks.

Half of the living room and the

The night view from the balcony. We can see the whole Brinchang from the balcony. (^o^)

We had charcoal steamboat for lunch. RM18/person all you can eat.
Lots of fresh organic vegetables + not so fresh fish.

It was very
crowded when we went there, caused it was Singapore's Independence Day and also weekend, the small little town was filled with
tourists all over places.
All public transportations were occupied and the street were packed with busy vehicles.
Their taxi is cheap RM6-10/cab from Brinchang to T
anah Rata.
But still we cant get any. (=.='')

On the first day we had a walk around the town.
Multicrops Central Market + Pasar

Strawberry mustard tart + Strawberry jam tart

Strawberry filled cookies

Strawberry cheese tart ( wonder if they are out of cheese)

Evening market:

Raw Honey

We went to the Strawberry Moment dessert cafe. A place that is on the top of Must Visit Places in this trip. They served very very beautiful strawberry desserts, heard that they have their own strawberry farm. Here are what we ordered.

Ice-cream with marshmallows

Chocolate banana strawberry cake

Strawberry pancake (^o^)

Strawberry strudel

Other desserts


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