Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pantai Keracut

I was suppose to go there about erm....7 years ago...but i didnt...
Today i went with my bffs. And it was the greatest day ever in my life!

It was so so fun there, much better than i imagined.
At first i dont feel like going cause i was kinda tired and thinking that there is nothing but beach there....

but but but....

when i reach there i was so so exited!!!!\(^o^)/

the jungle trekking.....*especially teh singalong part with PingPing and FungFung*

the canopy walk.......*expected more from it...but still ok la...managed to take lots of pics*

the mineral water.....*it so sweet* yum yum...

the beach.....nice water...nice sand....*though its so damn hot when we reached there...but when the sun started to come down......i fell in love with it~~~

the baby turtles.....*super duper cute baby was the 1st time in my life that i touch a baby turtle.....tat will b d climax of the day...(>.0)

the sunset......* when the sun is the closest to the sea line...its reddish orange...its d most beautiful sun i've even seen....and its reflection on d sea water was mesmerising....

the boat ride....*a great fast ride on d boat....from the boat we can see deep green sea waters together with the forest (Taman Negara)....i was totally in love with the nature...and those rocks which mimics a turtle and also a croccodile were so amazing...

It makes me feel like we were in Kuching again.
Though some cant make it on this trip, but i really really wish that one day we can all go together again.
Its really a place that i'll go again and again and again.
Thank God for such a nice place on the land that i was borned in.
And thank to all my friends for goin there with me...really really hope that this will not be our last trip.

I've started to miss all the sweet times that we share together within the 3 years.
After tomorrow's dinner, not sure when will we gather again...
Anyway, no matter where everyone's heading we'll never forget each other and may our friendsip last until the day we die.

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