Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fed up

There are lots of things that we've done in our life that I dont know why i did it,
I just know that i wanted to do it.
Until someone told me only i realize that i'm actually a trial and error person.
Keep on searching for the thing that i really want.

And like other living things on Earth, when I put lots of effort on one thing and doesnt get the expected result, i diverge, to do other stuffs. That someone also told me that this happens cause I'm fed-up with the thing i was doing, cause it was out of my control, and i fed-up when i cant get the results that i want or figure out whats going wrong with it.

That really opens up my mind. I found out that i'm easily fed-up. But i never give up looking for the things that I can control and able find achievement and self-satisfaction from it.

There are lots of things that is out of our control, but the choice is ours, whether to do something which is in our control or make changes to the out-of-control things to make it in control. Of course the latter will be tougher but the satisfaction when you succeed surpasses all the hard work you've put in before.

Hope that I'm able to hang on, and make the right choice. (>.o)

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闇X7 said...

Yup, you have choice over your life. Trial and error is part of learning, so what have you learned that make impact in your life?