Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There are some points in life when we need to make some very important choices,

choices that will change our entire life,

choices that we'll never know how we it will turn out to be until we reach certain point in the future,

and at that point, no matter good or bad life moves on....(it might be an end for some)

but when we are at the point when we are forced to make the choice,

a choice that we should never regret as regret is useless since we dont have a time machine,

(arghhhh...i wish i hv one),

thus, this choice is so damn difficult to make.....but still we made it.

Then we just can pray that we've made the right choice n try our best to make it a 'right choice' as well.

In this world, nothing is free, you want something? you gonna earn it.

Earn it? how? by sacrificing sumthing in return for sumthing else of course,

but is the thing that u sacrificed worth the thing that u'll get ?

or its actually more precious? just that u dont realize it until u've lost it.

And the thing that u've got is not really the thing that u really want.

At that time, everything is too late......then it comes regrets,whinings,cryings and bla bla bla..

'i shud hv this, i shud hv that...'

Dilemma, dilemma,dillema.....

Hope that i've made the right choice....

p/s: this is the worst blog i every posted....dun even know what am i writing...(=_=)


闇X7 said...

Description about your decision making process with anxiety?

What is it about? Family, career or relationship?

pingping said...

whteva the real meaning of this post is, it's kinda applicable to me too...! haha...

master? work?
do master, regret not going for work...
go out work, regret nv do master...

sometimes, we gotta sacrifice something to earn something... but not every time...

sometimes we just gotta sacrifice with no hope in return... cuz if we do, the scarification loses its true meaning ^_^

cheer up dear!

live the life u're not gonna regret!

i'll love u always! ^^333


VoNnE said...

andrew: secret...haha

ping: sacrifices with no hope in return.......i'll think deeply about it....tq 4 ur support all this while....will love you always too.....