Monday, July 14, 2008


before i start to work, after last sem exam i hva bed feeling about my work, due to the scale of the business and the people there, after i started to work there things turn out to be better than i expected and i'd also gain a few good friends there, and of course a small situation happened.
After this sem start, i started to work part-time with TRENONE, with MK and HH, when i decided to work there i was very good and close with MK but when i started to work there oour relationship wasnt like before, we dun talk much like we used to, so i feel weird each time we are together, and about theirs and mine working attitudes, and now about HH case, i feel so tired.
Should i quit? Maybe i'll just work untill end of the month? or end of the week? I really feel tired not with the work but with the people there.
But i do really take them as my best friends, i'm really confused. If i quit will i hv to face financial problems?or maybe i just need to spend less or find another job.
Need to decide fast. I'll see how when i go to work tomorrow.
Hope that it will be smooth.

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