Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bye Bye 2010 ~ 2011 is going to be a much much better year

Lots of things happened last year, which caused a great impact on my life.

I've graduated with a degree, though my result was totally out of what I've hoped for when I first step into USM, but within these 3 years i gained more than just a degree and glad that I've made it, I've made my family proud.

I was granted a short yet meaningful relationship, just a few months before I graduate. Although the relationship was harsh and just lasted for a few months, but I' m really glad that I have that 'few months', which I can kept as one of the best memories I have in my life. The relationsh hashat taught me to cherish every second and everyone in my life even more than I used to. Especially those who were at my side, wiping my tears during my heartbreak, they will always the person i love the most. Anyway, wish that both of us had learnt one way or another from this relationship and may we find our own happiness from that point onwards.

After graduation, found myself hard to fit in the so called , high-pay & stable factory job. Took this job caused Mummy wanted me too. I tried but failed. So, I followed my dream, and became an event executive. The job is harder than I taught, and even worse I felt like a baby in this industry or even the working world. Its very very challenging for me, but I wont give up my dream. I will learn as many as possible and excel in this field. (^.^)

Financially, I'm always me. The more I earn , the more I spend, and the more the things I wanna buy. Gosh! Thinking bout $$$ everyday.

1. To get salary increment
2. To be able to save at least RM500/month
3. To own a iphone4
4. To visit HK/Macau/Taiwan or anywhere i like
5. To treat everyone/behave better aka *dont be so arrogant ( argh....really need help on that)

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