Friday, September 5, 2008

malacca - 2nd day 090809

the second day...
early in the morning..
we had 'mian fen gao'
as breakfast...cooked by ping's mom..
very delicious...i like this kinda noddle soup...

then together with ping's mom, the baby,
we went to buy some local products from Tan Kim Hock....
things there..u can buy from Penang also as their products are sold in supermarkets too..
but still since u go d..
ma buy sumthing back lo...
i went to buy some 'dou chien', dodol and marshmallows...

then we went to Jonker Street again...
during the day, that place has a different view..

we ate something like 'loh bak' in Penang....
just that we cant choose, the Ah Pek will put everything inside..

then we went to a very very antique shop to eat laksa and cendol
the place seems to be very famous
because that day was the Singapore Independence day so a lot of Singaporean went there
it was packed..
but it is really a very nice place

*inside view of the shop

* very old pictures hanging on the wall

* ping bought a bowl of laksa and 2 cendols( i fell deep in love with the cendol with the gula malaka on it...a very rich aroma..totally different from plain brown sugar in normal cendol)

*we shared the laksa, which tasted like the curry mee in Penang just some ingredients are different, the soup is the same

then we went to discover the Historical State of Malaysia..
the 1st stop...
the red house

*very beautiful fountain

* near the red house..there are a lot of other historical buildings..they are all connected..
this is one of the route to another place..

*me :"hi St. Paul, how ya doin up there? dont you feel hot ?"
St. Paul : "hi ya, i feel excellent here, i use SUNPLAY SPF 130"
(no wonder he is so fair..LOL..)

* inside this is actually a prison cell,when i looked down, it is like a very big square-shaped hole with a door, i heard someone said that it held Sir Francis Xavier for 7 days years ago. and as usual when people see a big hole like that, people will make it into a wishing well, a lot of people trew coins in it and made wishes, so do i.

then we reached A Famosa Fort
the place that we always see on text books
tv and etc..

*and now i'm in the picture

*flower trishaw in malacca

the we went to one of the museum there
they have a lot of museum there
they even have a Custom Museum, Sailor Museum and etc

we wenth to the one which the enterace fee is rm 0.00..
well cant blame us museums are boring in Malaysia..

* this Lamborghini was owned by Tunku Abdul Rahman still very well mantained..

*outside the museum

before we leave we went to the Pahlawan Mall to buy Big Apple Doughnuts..

*ping ate it at home

we took a rest,
did the SPSS assignment,
took our dinner,
ping's mom cooked scrumptious dinner,

then to the Malacca most happening street at night,


but before that ping's brought me to the lorong nearby to eat seafood,
quite a famous place cause had been on tv for a few times,
and they even got uniform..

* i ordered escargots...and this is some sort like pasembur which they put a very sweet sauce on it..

* ping ordered kerang ( clamps??)...and mary was there with a new friend..i forgotten his name..what can i remember is that he is Ernest's housemate..from MMU (the 1 who sat beside ping)

then we went for a walk at teh pasar mlm..(Jonker's Street)
i bumped into Ernest..he looked cuter and more handsome now..

when we finished walking around we went to a bar for a drink..
really like the feeling there...
full or tourists...a lot of ang moh...
then really happening..
sitting there looking at the passers by and listening to the 70's and 80's songs
and the surronding buildings are all more than 100 years old...with the red lightings
really ada umph...

when it reached mid-night we decided to change to another place...
on the way to the parking place we took some pics..

*night view of the Malacca River..very regret that i din bring the camera..cant reallt capture the nice view..

then we went to drink Bubble Milk Tea...
very very nice with added pudding cant find it in Penang...
the shop name is The Pearl if i'm not mistaken..
i even went to buy one from its branch in Mahkota Parade the next day..
really miss the taste...

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